Portal by James Clar

A sensor was set up at the doorway, changing colours as visitors enter the gallery, creating a ‘portal’ signifying their transition from the outside space to the inside gallery.

(Source: jamesclar.com)


La Maison sans Escaliers (The Stairless House)

Built in 1939, this housing unit does not possess a lift or stairs, but a slightly sloping helicoidal gradient. This stairless house has a twin building on the adjacent street number: both consist of 36 apartments over six floors.

The stairless house ! The house of tomorrow. Why ?

Stairs are a barbaric way of  climbing floors. Stair steps force the same pace on all: on children and elders alike, on the ill and on the healthy.

With our tilted rising arcade, everyone walks a step which pleases them, long or short, fast or slow, just as one would walk on a sidewalk. […]

    — Auguste Bossu, Architect

Saint-Étienne, France - August 2014